Challenges and Opportunities
- Outsourcing in IT Industry


May 2nd, 2008, Saturday, 12:30pm - 3:20pm


Room 226, Humanities Building
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105
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Winnie Daniels ( 蔡幸蓉 ) , Lead Software Engineer- SAP at Thomson Reuters


Undoubtedly, many of you have cooperated with offshore colleagues or worked with oversea employees from vendors and customers. It is just one of the mounting evident that outsourcing has become ubiquitous in IT industry. Recently, IBM laid off thousands of workers in North American, many of whom received documents on opportunities in oversea branches. This highlights the fact that offshoring is here to stay. IT professionals who embraces this development would turn this to our advantages and capitalize the opportunities.

Why would a company outsource? Is cost saving the only concern? What projects are most likely being outsourced? More importantly, is my job safe? and how do I thrive in this environment? With these questions in mind, we invited experts with hands-on experience in these fields, and organized a series of seminars "Challenges and Opportunities --- Outsourcing in IT".

Today, we are very pleased to announce that first seminar will be held on May 2nd. Our invited speaker is Winnie Daniels, Lead Software Engineer, SAP at Thomson Reuters. In her previous life she managed outsourcing business initiatives for Taylor Corp. Winnie comes with in-depth knowledge of IT outsourcing operations in China and India. While working closely with the senior management, she has gained expertise in the following areas: recruitment, organizational structure, process and procedure build up, communication, local law and regulation, compensation and pricing model. She will discuss the broader spectrum of IT outsourcing from the senior management’s and service provider’s perspectives. Understanding their perspectives would help us figure out our strategy to advance our careers in the outsourcing environment.


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