Dealing with Conflict and Cross-Cultural Issues in the Workplace


May 3, 2008, Saturday, 12:30pm - 3:20pm


Room 06, Carnegie Hall
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105
(Minghua Chinese School) Google Map


Colleen Meyers, Center for Teaching & Learning at the University of Minnesota.
Lynne Ackerberg, Center for Teaching & Learning at the University of Minnesota.


This event is free, and open to public. Registration is highly encouraged.

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Series #3 of Ms. Colleen Meyers' Success with Cross-Cultural Presentations talk.


  • Hour 1: Address those challenges. Start by talking about "Minnesota nice" and "passive-aggressive behavior" patterns, which is the flip side of "Minnesota nice." Present the challenge. Discuss strategies (from a US AND Chinese perspective), and then role-play in English so that participants are comfortable using tone of voice, body language, etc. to deal with the situation.
  • Hour 2: Talk about interrupting in English and what we/you consider "rude." Show the tape of "bowling, basketball, or soccer?" and talk about how to interrupt in US culture. Then, have attendants practice in pairs or small groups.
  • Hour 3: Talk about the importance of small talk in US culture. Show a tape, discuss strategies, and then have attendants practice in a big "party" in which they make small talk with many people in a short amount of time.


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